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" The path to wellness starts with a single step. Choose anything, on any day, and start.

Just keep placing one foot infront of the other."

- Dr. Erika Schimek ND



You talk, I listen. Our initial visits are long so that an overall health assessment gives me an idea of the best approach to improving your health. An individualized treatment plan will be made to fit your unique needs and goals.


The use of medicinal plants is something I am passionate about including in many treatment protocols. Using whole herbs, whether in liquid or capsule form, provides balanced actions to achieve great responses with minimal side effects. 


Acupuncture is an ancient tool I often use to speed injury recovery and reduce chronic pain in areas such as the low back, knee, and neck. It can also be extremely helpful for other conditions such as infertility and PMS, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid conditions.


Let food be your medicine! The food you put into your body is the fuel for your life. Different health conditions can have different dietary requirements/restrictions. Are you giving your body what it needs to live a long, healthy life and meeting your unique needs? 


I look for ways to improve your lifestyle so that it's helping you move forward instead of holding you back. Supporting yourself emotionally is just as important as eating the right foods to support yourself physically. 


I am passionate about health promotion. If you would like to book a public speaking event, contact the Wolbeck Health Centre to discuss the opportunity. 


Dr. Erika Schimek is a board certified naturopathic doctor practicing in Barrie. She is a strong believer in the healing power of nature and the body's ability to accept rebalance, even after years of misalignment. This may require lifestyle and diet changes, or the helping hand of supplements, acupuncture, or herbs. 

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