Ready to take the next step for you or your child's health? This visit will entail a detailed health history, focused physical examination, and a review of health goals. Please fill out an intake form prior to your visit, or allow yourself 10-15 min beforehand to fill it out in-office. If you are currently taking an medications or supplements then bring them along with you as well as any recent lab work you may have done. Dr. Erika may request more lab work be completed if none has been done recently or a more detailed look into certain markers is needed. 
This visit will last between 60-90 minutes depending on your health concerns.


The second visit is where your treatment blueprint will be discussed. Your blueprint will go over that treatments will be put in place, why they are there, how often we will follow up with one another, and when we expect to see improvement.
This visit will last 30 minutes. 


These visits allow for monitoring of treatment plans, health concerns, and individualized acute care. Follow up visits can also entail B12 injections and reviewing or requesting lab work. 
These visits can be booked for anywhere between 15-60 minutes. 


Acupuncture is an extremely helpful tool for many health concerns such as muscle pain, injury recovery, digestive concerns, anxiety, depression, and PMS complaints to name a few (learn more here). You can choose to do only acupuncture, and fill in the required intake form, or this may be suggested as an add on to your treatment protocol to help you reach your health goals sooner. 
The initial acupuncture visit will last for 45 minutes, and follow up visits for 30 minutes.


Curious about naturopathic medicine? This is for you! Come and talk to Dr. Erika, ND about what naturopathic medicine is, and if it's the right approach for you and your health concerns.

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